National Invasive Species Awareness Week

As we all begin to feel the warm sunshine of Spring and get the itch to enjoy days afield, please be aware of your impacts on our ecosystem and the presence of invasive species in the landscape.

Let’s all be good stewards of the land and reduce the spread of invasives.

Remember to clean your gear, your pets, and yourself before and after you explore the outdoors so that invasive species don’t get a free ride!

Enjoy the outdoors!



Thank you to Skamania County Noxious Weed Control Program

A big thanks to Skamania County Noxious Weed Control Program and Emily Stevenson for supplying the Lower Deschutes CWMA with a box of Worst Weeds of the Gorge info booklets. We will be distributing these booklets to river users in the coming weeks and months as part of our ongoing effort to inform and educate the public on noxious weeds of the area. This project thrives when there is cooperation and education – and we are well on our way towards both!

Thank you Staples in The Dalles


Thank You Staples in The Dalles, Oregon

The Lower Deschutes CWMA is grateful for the donation of outreach materials that Staples in The Dalles, Oregon provided.  Outreach materials will be posted at various locations within the project area from the mouth to river mile 43, the beginning of the Deschutes access rd. at Sherars Falls.  Play Clean Go and USDA Forest Service posters will be posted at trail heads and camp sites to provide river users with a link to the CWMA website and help bring awareness to the noxious weeds on the river.


Noxious Weeds on the Deschutes River

Please help us in our fight against these invaders by identifying invasive weeds when you see them. 

Together we can help restore native habitat that is vital to our fish and wildlife.

Please use the links below to arm yourself with a guide to aid you in identifying the invasive weeds that you may encounter on the Deschutes river.

•• Resources provided by the Columbia Gorge CWMA, iMapInvasives, and partners. ••


QR code to download Worst Weeds of the Gorge to your mobile device

Worst of the Weeds QR Code


PDF download of Worst Weeds of the Gorge

Worst of the Weeds PDF

iMapInvasives (Map weeds from your mobile device)

iMapInvasives mobile downloads

You can also email GPS coordinates of positively identified species to