Noxious Weeds on the Deschutes River

Please help us in our fight against these invaders by identifying invasive weeds when you see them. 

Together we can help restore native habitat that is vital to our fish and wildlife.

Please use the links below to arm yourself with a guide to aid you in identifying the invasive weeds that you may encounter on the Deschutes river.

•• Resources provided by the Columbia Gorge CWMA, iMapInvasives, and partners. ••


QR code to download Worst Weeds of the Gorge to your mobile device

Worst of the Weeds QR Code


PDF download of Worst Weeds of the Gorge

Worst of the Weeds PDF

iMapInvasives (Map weeds from your mobile device)

iMapInvasives mobile downloads

You can also email GPS coordinates of positively identified species to


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